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Neharika Rani


Vista Art Studio by Neharika Rani, a Surface Pattern Designer from India. I design prints for apparel, fashion accessory, stationary and lifestyle products.

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  • Cute love print
    Cute love print

  • Botanical

  • box Pattern
    box Pattern

  • Little hearts
    Little hearts

  • Arabic pattern
    Arabic pattern

  • Kaleidoscope pattern
    Kaleidoscope pattern

  • Kaleidoscope pattern
    Kaleidoscope pattern

  • Multi-color Abstract Pattern
    Multi-color Abstract Pa...

  • Mughal quatrefoil
    Mughal quatrefoil

  • Multicolor quatrefoil
    Multicolor quatrefoil

  • popping leaves
    popping leaves

  • cactus

  • Cactus

  • cactus

  • Toy town seamless design for kids zone
    Toy town seamless desig...

  • Peacock

  • birds of paradise
    birds of paradise

  • Abstract mushrooms
    Abstract mushrooms

  • Funny mushrooms
    Funny mushrooms

  • Royal elephant
    Royal elephant

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