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Design Guidelines

Please follow our guidelines to ensure the design is prepared correctly for fine printing on fabric.

  • File Format - We accept your design in TIFF, JPEG, PNG and GIF file format. Please ensure that your file is clean and sharp enough for good results. There must be no distortion in the design.
  • File Size – We recommend file size upto 50MB. If file size is larger than 50MB, Please read the instructions carefully.
  • Design Resolution – We recommend design resolution 150 dpi – 300 dpi (dots per inch) for high quality print. For large design size please use 150 dpi and for small design size use 300 dpi.
  • Design Scale – We recommend to save print file in actual scale desired on the fabric. During upload of design, our system automatically shows design at 100% scale and actual resolution of design. If you reduce scale below 100%, design will print with fine detail or increasing scale above 100% may result in losing fine detail in printing.
  • Color Mode – RGB color mode is recommended and we convert any color mode to RGB by default before printing. Color sometimes vary from screen and we don’t guarantee color matching to screen.
  • Color Chart - Please order Color Chart or Test Swatch of your print for expected right colors. We accept color numbers from color chart through chat window or through email on design@texindiamart.com
  • Test Swatch – If you desire to see the result of design and colors directly on your selected fabric, please order Test Swatch of your design before ordering large quantity.
  • Pattern Repeat – After upload your design, please check the repeat pattern tile must match seamlessly and continuously on each side on display window. If you observe any seam or joint in the design repeat, please ensure to correct and upload again. We don’t hold responsibility for mistake in print due to repeat issues in your design.
  • Placement Print – If your design is a placement print, please check the spaces and margin around the print to ensure enough area for seam allowance. You may check print area and around white area on the display window.
  • Print Direction & Width – Please ensure dimension of your print and width of selected fabric compatible as per your requirements. Please upload design and ensure with display window about print direction.
  • Design Service – We offer service to develop custom design on demand on the basis of concepts, inspirations, ideas and requirements. We provide facility to digitize, color separation and design creation. Please read more information in Design Service section.

In case of any queries on guidelines, Please email us on design@texindiamart.com or we are happy to help you through chat window.

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